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Wishing You All A Prosperous 2019

As you go into 2019…look around you, whom have you surrounded yourself with? you are a reflection of the people and environment you surround yourself with…imagine being surrounded by YES Men or Women, how much value will they add to you, imagine your ego doesn’t accept positive criticism don’t expect different results by December 2019 if anything they might be worse than 2018…let’s say you have a one billion Vision but your groupies’ vision is one million or less…there is never anyway below the sun and the moon you are going to achieve your vision…moreso that you have no intentions or strategy of making them (your groupies) see and work towards contributing to your Vision…Anyhow your destiny is your destiny and we all have different destinies…reason there are different means to every end…I WISH YOU ALL A PROSPEROUS 2019…Dr. Henry Clarke Kisembo

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