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Development Associates Link International (DALI) Ltd is an incorporated Development oriented consultancy and professional services firm based in Uganda.

Socio-economic Research

Socio-Economic and demographic studies
Post-harvest and Marketing
Range Ecology and Management
Tourism and Wildlife Management
Environmental Impact Assessment
Export crops promotion
Agronomy and crop production

Institutional Development and Planning

Project Analysis and Evaluation Production and Marketing Education Management Health Management Water Management Corporate Planning Pre-Investments Studies Information Communication Technology Formal and Informal Training

Human and Financial Resource Management

Cost and Budgetary Control
Management and Information Systems.
Financial Analysis and Management
Management/Operational Audit
Human Resources Management

Performance Monitoring and Evaluation

Group Formation and cooperative establishments
Farm Management
Farm inputs and distribution
Agricultural extension and training
Rural and Urban Development planning.
Informal Sector Planning and Development
Health Promotion
Appropriate technology Studies
Integrated Master Plans
Human settlement Planning
Urban and Regional Planning
Land Use Planning

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